Virgin in a tree

150x150cm Acrilic on canvas glow in the dark, 2017


On August 2nd we celebrate the feast of La Virgen de Los Angeles (the Virgin of the Angels), Costa Rica’s patron saint, also known as “La Negrita”. La Negrita has always been a special presence in my life. I was raised in a Catholic family devoted to her, and I have witnessed the power of her miracles. My gratitude and devotion are infinite.

“La Negrita” is a symbol of faith. The tree in this painting represents the tree of life: an immaculate state of being, free from all corruption and sin. This is a unique and original piece of work, there is no replica of this painting. You can consider yourself very lucky if you get to have it. It is a very personal painting to me, so if you want it (and I know you do) we need to speak first.

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