About Me


Vicky Naranjo is a painter, dancer, journalist and professional writer born & raised in San José, Costa Rica.

She has been painting since the age of three. Her mother discovered her gift as Naranjo drew her first masterpiece on the bathroom tiles of her family home.

She was enrolled in art lessons at the age of 4 and by the age of 18 Vicky was a professionally trained painter and ballet dancer. “She has won numerous Children’s Art competitions in her youth, and as an adult is now an internationally recognized visual artist.

Naranjo’s work consists of watercolor and acrylic on canvas.  She creates original characters for her visual art masterpieces that encompass the essence of a child-like spirit and is all heart.  Her art is inspired by play, animals, nature, tropical landscapes, the ocean and her upbringing in the garden with her grandmother.

The magical essence of Naranjo’s work is amplified as it glows in the dark. Her paintings have two viewpoints: one that is bright, colorful and childlike in the light and the other glowing in the night like bioluminescent plankton in the sea. Her art is a combination of influences in psychedelia, and Van Gogh’s post-impressionism folk art.

Her work has been exhibited at the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones and on the walls of many international art enthusiasts who continue to collect her original works.

Vicky is also the creator of Women Who Sew, an organization that gives work to local Costa Rican women and reduces the impact of fast fashion retailers. Naranjo exhibits her work at private Art Shows throughout the year in different locations.  As an art teacher, she has been encouraging hundreds of her students to be creative artists and discover their authentic expression through visual art.

It is a great joy to share my inner world and my art with you all. Take a look at more of my paintings !

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