About Me

Vicky Naranjo

Hi! I’m Vicky Naranjo

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I started painting at age 3, when, to my mother’s shock, I drew my first masterpiece on the bathroom tiles at our house. My need for painting didn’t stop, so my mother enrolled me in art lessons when I was 4. By age 18 I was professionally trained as a painter—as well as a ballet dancer—and had won different international Children’s Art competitions.

Life works in strange ways, and for some reason, after years spent working as a make-up artist, I majored in Journalism. I ended up writing for a few important platforms—like Forbes. But I knew this wasn’t my dream. I had many jobs, but I never stopped painting, not even once in those 30 years.

My inner child knew that my true passion was art and that I’ve always wanted to make art for a living. So one day, I finally listened to my inner voice. I decided to put journalism on indefinite hold, packed all my belongings, and moved to the beach to do nothing but paint.

And here I am!

Every day I wake up and go to sleep to the sound of the ocean at my workshop on the beautiful Playa Garza, located in Nosara. Nosara has not only become my home, but also one of the main subjects in my work as a painter. My art is filled with scenes of nature, tropical landscapes, and animals I make my own by combining my personal style with influences like psychedelia, Van Gogh’s post-impressionism, and folk art.

Since I began this path of self-discovery and passion, I’ve had the privilege of seeing my work exhibited at the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones of Costa Rica, the II Bienal de Pintura y Escultura del Grupo ICE, and on the walls of many art enthusiasts from all over the world who love collecting original works of art that bring a unique and colorful atmosphere to their spaces.

It is a great joy to share my inner world and my art with you. You can see my paintings here!